Good Partners Make Good Sense

Manhattan Community Board #1

Manhattan Community Board #1

You’re only as good as your partners.  That axiom is essential to the Coalition’s success.  We partner with community members, legislators, and local health advocates to promote a smoke-free city through neighborhood-based efforts, information sharing, and policy change.  Our success would not be possible without a number of health and youth-focused organizations throughout the city.

The Community Boards in New York City are the appointed advisory groups from various districts throughout each of the city’s five boroughs.  Each board is composed of 50 volunteer members, each appointed by the local Borough President. Half of the members are nominated by the community district’s City Council members. There are currently 59 community districts, including twelve in Manhattan, twelve in The Bronx, eighteen in Brooklyn, fourteen in Queens, and three in Staten Island.

Community Boards are concerned with the quality of life in their districts and advocate on behalf of those who live and work there.  Our five Borough Smoke-Free Partnerships meet regularly with local Community Boards in all  five boroughs to discuss the terrible toll that tobacco has taken on our city and what we are doing to get smokers the resources they need to quit and preventing our youth from lighting up.  We always welcome the opportunity to work together to protect the health of our communities and promote a smoke-free city.

We are so pleased that Manhattan’s Community Board #1 recently passed a resolution to protect the health of youth who live in their district.  The Board overwhelmingly supported measures that would reduce tobacco marketing in stores and around schools.  Community Board #1 and #11 also recently passed resolutions to support smoking disclosure policies.

With the support of our community boards and elected officials, the Coalition is committed to ensuring that all New Yorkers can breathe smoke-free air where they live, work and play.  We look forward to working with Community Boards across the city on tobacco control issues.