Addiction Incorporated is Now Available

Addiction_Poster_FINAL_LmedIn December 2011, a group of our community partners joined us for a screening of the Charles Evans Jr.’s film, Addiction Incorporated. The film is now available on DVD for schools, universities, libraries and other educational institutions.

The film explains how former how former Philip Morris scientist Victor DeNoble’s unexpected discovery of an addiction ingredient in tobacco led to cigarettes that are even more addictive and how his Congressional testimony forever changed how tobacco is sold and marketed.

Anyone interested in public health and tobacco control will find this film engaging. Hard-hitting, suspenseful and eye-opening, Addiction Incorporated shows how Big Tobacco used its resources to intimidate scientists, the media, and public and elected officials to protect its profits.

Today, Big Tobacco spends $8.8 billion a year on tobacco marketing, much of it targeting youth. The current “Be Marlboro” campaign is just one example of the kind of aggressive and manipulative marketing the tobacco industry uses to encourage youth to smoke. Big Tobacco will stop at nothing to recruit youth as “replacement smokers” to ensure the economic future of their industry.

Addiction Incorporated reminds us that truth and sound science will always triumph over commerce and conspiracy.